3. Missions

Scientific objectives

The scientific objectives aim above all at improving the knowledge of psychosocial risks.

  • The first objective consists of creating each year a mapping (cartography) of psychosocial health at work in Aquitaine. It is about implementing a standardised and known methodology in a view of obtaining a current situation of the psychosocial health at work in Aquitaine, for all the workers of the private sector and by economic business sector.
    These works are lead by Gaëlle Encrenaz, Research Engineer at COMPTRASEC, under the scientific direction of the steering committee.

  • The second objective corresponds to the study of  labour and social security jurisprudence. A thorough knowledge of the social court decisions allows a better understanding of how psychosocial risks intervene in the judiciary and jurisprudential field through the profile of parties, the legal basis used, in favour of whom the judge decides, etc.

  • The third objective is an objective of broadcasting leaning on the annual organisation of an interdisciplinary colloquium for a day, inviting all the agents of the region interested in the theme of psychosocial risks at work. The colloquium work will be published every year.

Conference-debate sessions for half a day are also planned in order to bring light to a specific dilemma, but also to make a personality or an expert in the subject available to the agents of the region and to the scientific teams.


Preventers and actors in the region of Aquitaine