Electronic resources

The electronic resources available at Comptrasec are grouped by bibliographical references or from the completed text: codes, encyclopedias, online reviews, database, electronic books ... Access to these resources is limited to the Comptrasec members. For any enquiries on accessibility, please contact Julie Zambau.

La bibliothèque permanente des Editions législatives (access through password) :

  • Dictionnaire permanent Action sociale
  • Dictionnaire permanent Conventions collectives
  • Dictionnaire permanent Droit des étrangers
  • Dictionnaire permanent Social
  • Codes juridiques

Reviews accessible online

Numerical resources via University of Bordeaux
Online reviews and database

Numerical resources via CNRS
BiblioSHS : portal of scientific information of CNRS units in human and social sciences suggesting reviews, works and database; access to the full text articles of nearly 10.000 publications.