Forms and dynamics of "local welfare"

Forms and dynamics of local welfare. The care sector: The French local authority-based approach and international comparisons
LDP (Local Disability Policies)
Région Aquitaine
Comptrasec UMR 5114, Centre Emile Durkheim (CED), UMR 5116, Centre de Recherches sur l’Action Politique en Europe (CRAPE), UMR 6051
5,5 years - January 2016-July 2021

The first objective of the project is to analyse the move towards local authority control of policies for the care of people suffering from loss of independence. This will involve measuring the ability of local stakeholders at different levels to take innovative, interdisciplinary action in relation to a legal framework that remains segmented into sectors for dealing with different categories of individual: disabled people on the one hand and dependent, elderly people on the other. The second objective is to observe the impact of these local policies on the different professions found in care work, the emergence of new requirements and new professional qualifications. The research will refer mainly to the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region in southwest France: the data collected will be combined with those from the Brittany region on the basis of a partnership with the CRAPE (Centre for Research into Political Action in Europe at the University of Rennes 1). Moreover, in order to better grasp the unique nature of this transfer of French health and social policies towards local authority control, a comparative study will be carried out, referring in particular to the Spanish and British systems.