Masters in Labour and Social protection Law

Research Masters level 2
Labour and Social protection Law
Labour and Social protection Law

The lectures (in-depth labour law and social protection law), are complemented by research seminars (international social law and social community law in particular). A major part of the course is for the student to produce his/her research assignment under the supervision of a Senior Researcher or a CNRS researcher (national organisation for scientific research).

Upon completion of the Masters 2 research specialty, students will firstly have acquired a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of the rules around employment law and social welfare law, both from a national and supranational perspective. Beyond this technical skill, students are given the opportunity to reflect on the meaning and content of these rules. Expected to develop an analytical mind and a critical eye on these subjects, students are thus able to adapt to the multiple demands of their professional future roles, such qualities that help to develop training in and through research.

Masters level 1 in social law or equivalent
The student should have mastered the basic rules of labour law and social protection law.
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By the masters’ course manager and masters’school