Masters in Population, Development and Forward Studies

Research Masters level 2
Population, Development and Forward Studies

This is a multidisciplinary course structured around:

- core courses in demographics and spatial economics,

- methodological skills in data processing and analysis, regional development and forward studies.

For students enrolled in the Franco-Hellenic study track, the second semester is spent in Volos (Greece)

The Masters 2 in Population, Development and Forward Studies trains:

- young researchers in demographics;

- professionals in observation and measurement for social sciences, capable of devising data collection systems (surveys, etc.) and processing the data from them;

- cross-sectional researchers capable of conducting economic and social analyses on a variety of geographical scales and designing multi-disciplinary forward studies using appropriate methodologies (population projections, spatial representation tools, etc.).

Masters 1 in Economics and Management, Public Law, Political Science, Geography, Development and Urbanism, Environment, Sociology, History, Public Health and Epidemiology. Courses may be adapted for professionals wishing to take the Masters as a sandwich course or as part of a professional retraining programme.
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